Fall= Football and Apple Cake

Great news! Fall has finally arrived! I love fall.Every year around the middle of August I start getting sick of summer. I want the leaves to begin turning colors, I want to drive to work in the morning surrounded by a thick layer of fog and most importantly- I want football to start! Of course, I live in California so it is still very summer-like weather but that doesn’t matter because it is officially fall and the Raider’s are already 2-1. With that being said, I needed to bake something fall inspired; and what could be more fall-like than Apple Cake?

I found this recipe on a fantastic web-site that has about 50 recipes that I know I have to try and another 50 recipes that I am too intimidated to try but really want to. Here is the link to the website… you can find the recipe here also http://lickthebowlgood.blogspot.com/2010/09/caramelly-appley-delicious.html . Of course, I tweaked mine just a little bit. I didn’t have any walnuts so I just omitted them altogether. Also, I didn’t have cream so I just used mik for the glaze and it still turned out great..

The cake came together so quickly and easily. It was the perfect dessert for a family get together on short notice. Dan kept saying that it smelled so good while it was baking that I ended up taking it out of the oven a little too early. The middle was still kind of gooey- like a pudding. Dan says he liked it better that way and I should always undercook it but I beg to differ. Something about a recipe with eggs in it just begs to be cooked thoroughly.

 The glaze was absolutely delicious! I could just drink the stuff! (I added a little maple syrup to it while it was cooking). I highly encourage everyone to visit the website and try this cake! It tastes best while sitting in front of the TV watching the big game.


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