Blue, White and Red Velvet Cake

I know it’s already August. 4th of July has long since come and gone but I’ve been so busy- it seems just like yesterday. This Independence Day I decided to bake a festive dessert to take to my in-laws. I tried to think of something that incorporated red white and blue colors but the only thing I could think of was fruit salad with strawberries in a white bowl. Fruit salad? No baking required? Healthy? Ya right! I decided to bake a red cake with white frosting and sprinkle blue sugar on top. Now thats more like it.

This was my first attempt at a red velvet cake. I looked up recipes online and settled on the one that sounded the easiest. The recipe is from . The only thing I changed was that I added half a cup of sour cream and reducing the amount of buttermilk to 1 cup.

I also had an issue with adding an entire bottle of red food coloring. The food coloring doesn’t change the tastemof the cake so it seemed like a waste of food coloring (and maybe a little more dye than anyone needs to consume) to dump a whole bottle in. Maybe this was a mistake because my cake looked a lot more chocolatey than red-velvety (yes red-velvety is a word). It may have had a placebo affect on my husband as well because he insisted it tasted like chocolate cake- not red velvet.

I have to say I was pretty proud of myself when it came to decorating the cake though. We don’t have air conditioning at our house and it was about 90 degrees inside when I was trying to decorate the cake. The frosting kept melting and I had to keep throwing the cake and frosting bag in the fridge to cool off. The cake looked ok for being half melted…

The recipe on the website calls for buttercream frosting. I don’t think buttercream belongs on red velvet. Red velvet NEEDS cream cheese frosting.

Here is the recipe I use…

1/2 cup shortening

8oz cream cheese

2 and 1/2 cups powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla

Just beat the ingredients together until smooth. So good! I could just eat the frosting.